Changing Limiting Beliefs into Inspired Action

“There are gifts that come from forgiveness and compassion. Examining your life takes courage…but if you are willing to walk it and deal with emotional pain, on the other side is infinite happiness and prosperity.”

An interview host in the spiritual and personal development realm dealing with topics of the heart, Nancy Battye is no stranger to the universal questions of life: Who am I and why am I here? She turned her passion for public speaking and helping others into a career that carries her along her spiritual journey and brings great joy to both her personal and professional life. As she says, “Find what you love to do and find a way to make a living at it.” Her personal and professional goals match and this is the key to her fulfillment. Nancy wasn’t always in this space of fulfillment. In fact, she has had many challenges along the way. Find out how Nancy overcame obstacles and limiting beliefs by taking personal responsibility for her thoughts, feelings and actions.


Adopted in Argentina, with no record of her birth parents, Nancy struggled with many issues along her journey, one of those issues was feeling abandoned. Her family travelled a lot due to her dad being in the oil industry. Travel turned into a passion for Nancy, as she saw several parts of the world growing up. Although she felt loved and cherished by her adoptive parents, she longs to “stand in the streets of Argentina” to “know things” on a spiritual level. This knowing is an important piece to her spiritual journey, one that she will fulfill when the time is right.

Feelings of Abandonment

Nancy’s tipping point came in 2009, after her second divorce. Feeling like a failure, she struggled with many negative limiting beliefs. The last three years of her marriage had been immensely painful, and the way she was trying to navigate that pain drove her to a place of mental and physical exhaustion. In an “emotional guilt trip,” she buried herself in her business that she shared with her husband at the time. She had a “shrinking” feeling, one of “unworthiness” and she developed a pattern of self-sabotage. She was having physical symptoms as well, such as migraines. She saw no end in sight to these struggles until she received an email for a personal development event that she simply could not resist attending.

Taking Responsibility

Being drawn to sign up and participate, Nancy learned a valuable life lesson from one of the speakers at this event. John Assaraf spoke and his message resonated with Nancy, so much so that she joined the Having it All Challenge. She calls this challenge “spectacular!” The first lesson she learned from John: “Whether good or bad, I am completely responsible for my life.” This became a foundational way of thinking. This lesson was so imperative because “it takes away the victim role and empowers you to make positive choices,” says Nancy. She realized, through Having it All, that she was struggling because she was stuck in her emotions and the way out was to take full responsibility for her feelings and actions. After HIA, she invested in John Assaraf’s brain training programs. In the past, Nancy had financial challenges and limiting beliefs around money. The brain training gave Nancy a sense of self-confidence and actually changed her belief system around money! “I was able to face the financial issues, not from a fearful place, but from a place of being aware. I became very aware of my thinking and behaving around money issues.” By becoming aware of those unconscious thoughts, using the brain training as it’s laid out, and taking inspired action, Nancy saw great change come about. “You can’t do this alone,” she says. According to Nancy, commitment to change and continuous repetition coupled with taking the right actions is the key to creating positive change in your life. The best part is that this positive cycle is full circle: Once you change those limiting beliefs and start taking action, you gain more confidence, which then encourages you to take greater action!

Turning past experience into a path to help others

So what’s Nancy’s big why? Nancy has three children, a son and two twin daughters. Her twin daughters were born with Cerebral Palsy and had disabilities that required care 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. She mentioned that she went to bed in sneakers, fully dressed, because she never knew when complications would arise and medical invention would be necessary. A mother’s job is full-time, but imagine what it must be like to care for two more people like you care for yourself? Her first husband had a hard time coping with the demands and Nancy was left to care for her children, alone. As a single parent, the demands became overwhelming. Without the money for the equipment or the means to hire help, Nancy was left with one of the hardest decisions a mother could make: to place her twin daughters in foster care because she had neither the means nor the physical capability to care for her daughters. Foster care for her daughters seemed like the only kind alternative, the only loving way for Nancy to make sure her girls had all they needed. Her father did not approve of her decision, but Nancy had to do what she knew in her heart was best. After experiencing firsthand the demands and the decisions that single parents of disabled children have to make, she decided to make it her goal to create a living resort for children and young adults with disabilities so other single parents wouldn’t have to give up their children. With a qualified and loving staff, Nancy hopes to create a space for those with disabilities to grow and learn and become more independent. The resort will have classes on business, gardening for profit, cooking and caring for animals so they can learn necessary life skills. This also gives their primary caregiver a much needed break so they can maintain their lives.

The art of forgiveness

One quality that helped Nancy push through those rocky times, from being adopted, to not feeling worthy, to making a very difficult decision in the interest of her daughters, is resilience. Never give up! “I assumed this was from my heritage,” she says. “Or, maybe this is what I contracted for before I got here…to show me where my strength was.” When she returns to the streets of Argentina, I have no doubt what she will find is already inside of her, which gives her the unique gift of helping others find their resilience, their strengths! Her message is simple, but at the same time, requires deep connection to our source and our hearts: “Really get and understand that each person is really a gift if you are willing to stand back and realize each person came into this world as a baby. You know all those tender feelings and excitement that stir inside of you when you see a baby? Imagine that you deserve all that same excitement, tenderness, affection and love.” You can’t get more powerful than that! Compassion and forgiveness are two very important values in Nancy’s life, and they seem to be coming full circle. Her son and daughters are young adults now and they have a great relationship. Her daughters live with their dad now, and last year was the first Christmas they all spent together in his home.

Along with helping others, Nancy enjoys many activities such as tennis, photography, walking her dogs and reading. She is an ocean lover to the core! Ideally, she will have a home on the Caribbean side of Mexico to spend 4 months out of the year. Living in Vancouver, she remains close to the ocean and finds complete solace in spending time watching the waves roll in. She is also working on a book about her life. She is almost finished sharing her life experiences on paper with the hopes of helping others all over the world. Lastly, a question I couldn’t resist asking, has she found love? She laughs, and says, “It’s funny that you ask.” She has indeed met a lovely gentleman…her soulmate, whom she knows she will spend a lifetime! Take it from Nancy, never give up!