Doreen Anaka: Slashing the Shackles of Fear.

Anyone lost in the land of fear, or shipwrecked on the island of can’t, Doreen’s titillating tale of triumph is a must read! Determined, introspective, and bent on becoming more, Doreen shares her story of finding her way out of the quicksand of anxiety and despair in the hopes of helping others.

From Curiosity to Cure

Naturally curious and driven to expand her knowledge on a variety of subjects, ita’s no surprise Doreen found her own way out of fear! She shares openly and honestly about how she faced and overcame social anxiety. Doreen is a splendid example of how truly powerful we are when we are committed to change.

A Way Out

Doreen AnakaWhen Doreen turned 18, she began to experience tremendous anxiety. Doreen’s specific triggers had to do with communicating with others. Talking on the phone, saying hello, making polite conversation all triggered intense anxiety. After 5 years of living in constant fear, Doreen became depressed and repeatedly quit out of fear. From despair, she dove into self-help, reading and learning as much as she could. Once she opened the door for change, she began attracting the information and tools she needed. Her brother introduced her to The Secret, which “sparked an interest” in Doreen. She says, “It was the right time in my life” to hear the message. He reached out to her on a day when she was really struggling, which was out of character for him.

The Secret would not only serve as an introduction, but also, light a fire in Doreen. Her brother was also taking a psychology course at the time and Doreen, who was actively seeking answers, thumbed through his psychology book. She found uncanny similarities in the list of symptoms she was experiencing described under Social Anxiety Disorder. Doreen asked, “What does this mean?” This is where Doreen’s story turns from common tale to heroic account, the separation between the mediocre and the amazing. Not only did she find the label for what she was experiencing, she found the solution to overcome her struggle! If you have any experience with anxiety, or know someone who experiences anxiety, you know how limiting this fear can be. It can, essentially, render you helpless, and can spread to all areas of your life. To overcome the debilitating effects of anxiety is no small feat, but a monumental, slow climb. This is the first time Doreen has shared her story, and I can’t help but think it is the right time, as this story will give hope to those who share in this struggle.

A Beautiful Mind

I had to ask Doreen how she rose to power over her own mind. “I was expecting to get better,” she says. “I faced my fears every day, and replaced those thoughts with positive messages.” She developed phrases to offset the feelings of fear. “My mind got me into this, so my mind can get me out,” is one mantra she repeats regularly. Doreen believed in her power, her power to “do something.” Instead of remaining shackled, she took action, and began to change behaviors that weren’t serving her. One of those behaviors was giving up. She wanted to “stick” it out, to “never give up.” This drive to change led her to Bob Proctor and his coaching. In fact, The Winner’s Image was a catalyst for Doreen.

She stuck with this program and experienced incredible results. She started receiving emails from John Assaraf about his brain-training products. Last November, she couldn’t pass up on the solid scientific, different than everyone else’s, program and invested in Winning the Game of Money. At the time of our interview, she was on day 47 and already experiencing significant changes. Doreen says, Winning the Game of Money “pushed me where I was stuck. I have more courage and I am more focused.” What she expects to achieve with the brain training is a sense of knowing, a truth about the power of our thoughts. This will come, as many of those who have invested in John Assaraf’s brain training programs have gained exactly that, the gift of knowing.

Working as a merchandiser in a popular hunting, fishing, and camping store in Canada, Doreen has had many opportunities for growth, and always rises to the challenge. She took the role of team leader, a position that is vastly different and more socially challenging, which I suspect is why she applied. Out of sheer determination to change, even while facing intense anxiety, Doreen “hacked it out” due to the support of her general manager. He gave her a big pat on the back and this small encouragement gave Doreen the courage to follow through. “He doesn’t even know how much his words meant to me that day,” she says through a choked voice, a powerful reminder of what our words can do.

When she was offered a new job as a full-time merchandiser, she was initially afraid. “I had to let go of that title (team lead), let go of that place I had grown accustomed to, and all the people I had gotten to know and face a new world, with new faces. Making that decision, with only one day to decide, was difficult. I can say I am happier now, and I made the right decision that day.” Doreen is keenly aware of the tremendous support she has received, so much so, that her life purpose is to give back, to be uplifting, and to encourage others to work their way through fear.

Doreen’s favorite quote: “Do or do not. There is not try” Yoda, from Star Wars.

Doreen’s next big hurdle was buying and driving a car. She spent months visualizing a specific car, and she even purchased a club before buying the car. A few months later, the exact car she visualized was for sale just a few minutes from her home. After purchasing her car, it sat for a month. She tried to drive it on two occasions; “She wouldn’t let me take her, so I accepted it wasn’t the right time.” The first time, with temperatures well below freezing, the car door froze open. The second time, the battery was dead. This did not stop Doreen, in fact, these acts of serendipity only reinforced her will to drive. “How do you get yourself in the driver’s seat when you are feeling such intense anxiety,” I asked? “I take the action, I do it, even though I’m scared,” she says without hesitation.

Pushing the Limit

Doreen continues to get out of her comfort zone on a regular basis. She is returning to martial arts, because she says, “I chickened out before, but now I am ready to get back in the dojo.” She also has a love interest in a “cute guy,” who she is hoping to get to know better. One of her biggest goals for 2012 is making a good friend, another testament to her commitment to grow and go beyond a label. When she is not working, she enjoys playing video games, hanging with her cats, or discussing thought provoking topics with her mom. The one message she wants to impart is to remember bad times lead to good, and sometimes, to greatness. “If you are afraid, take action anyway.” There was a bit of relief, she says, in sharing her story. In the simple, but powerful act of sharing, her story will provide hope to others who are suffering, and help us all become more and do better!