From Doubts to Results: Building Confidence and a Successful Business

From a simple farm girl to a business entrepreneur extraordinaire: Learn how Cheryl released limiting childhood beliefs to attain her lifetime dreams!

Author, business leader and community advocate, Cheryl will win your heart! Cheryl’s enthusiasm and passion is inspiring, and her zest for learning contagious. From her humble beginnings on a farm, she used her love of learning and teaching to reach her ultimate goal of teaching others how to create and grow a heart centered business using personal connections as the foundation for success.

As an internet marketer in heart centered business for the past three years, Cheryl says, “There were a lot of twists and turns along my path to get me here.” She teaches other women, and local business owners, how to run a successful online business based on building relationships and using personal connections to build partnerships. Already an established author, she is launching a new book titled, Relationship Marketing and the New Entrepreneur: How to Model a Leadership Based Business>. She also just completed her first telesummit, which was a huge success! How did she reach this pinnacle, you might ask? She reached these heights by building a strong skill set, taking risks, and following her heart.

Cheryl’s career began in the environmental field in the early 80’s when she was asked to run a hazardous materials and spill control conference because of connections she made early in her life. She came from a family of entrepreneurs and her father actually started the first Connecticut based oil spill clean-up and recovery firm in 1976. Even though her degree was in marketing, she was quite comfortable forging her way through unknown territories. Because this was a relatively new industry at the time, Cheryl was able to learn and grow as the industry matured. By 1997, she had been in the hazardous waste field for several years, and she was losing her zest for her work. She says, “The whole atmosphere of the environmental field changed. The stress of being director of regulatory affairs for a high profile hazardous waste facility was changing my personality, and I hated that.” Shortly after she was married, Cheryl made the decision to leave this high paying job and start anew.

Cheryl T. Campbell Family PictureThrough another personal relationship, she interned with the owner of a small custom upholstery shop. She traded a high income, no fun job to learn a new trade with very little income, but a lot of joy. Eighteen months later, she started her own custom upholstery and interior decorating business! In 2005, she built a website for the business and after spending thousands of dollars for marketing and still getting no traffic, she “hunkered” down and learned internet marketing for herself. She was so successful in what she learned that she began to do affiliate marketing and built websites for others, teaching them how to tweak and improve their websites. All of this experience led to speaking engagements around creating heart centered businesses using new media technology.

The road was not always easy for Cheryl. As a young girl, she struggled with speech problems, namely a lazy tongue. Cheryl overheard adults talking about her using words like “stupid” and “lazy.” These words were not only hurtful at the time, but unconsciously resonated throughout her life. It wasn’t until she began listening to Winning the Game of Business that she was aware these unconscious beliefs were still very present and affecting her success. She says, “I burst into tears while listening to Winning the Game of Business when all of those hurtful words came flying back” and she realized these limiting beliefs were holding her back from achieving her ideal life. Her biggest challenge was self-doubt. She always had the feeling of not knowing enough until she began the brain training program. “The programs made it easier for me to transition out of negativity and into action,” says Cheryl. Before listening to the brain training audios, Cheryl would get stuck in a pit of inaction because of her fears. Now, “within hours” she can walk through the negative self-talk and get right into taking on the next challenge. She still has doubts from time to time, but the doubts don’t keep her from doing. In addition to the brain training, Cheryl also listens to the training and coaching calls and expert interviews. She says, “For the first time ever, I created a strategic business plan this past December, thanks to John.” Cheryl also participates in the PraxisNow community, a community of people who are as passionate and supportive as she is. She has transitioned from a mere doer to a leader and has more confidence than ever before! Saying, “I can’t do that,” is now replaced with a resounding confident “Yes!” She boldly affirms, “I have found my true path in life and I love what I am doing.”

Cheryl is so much more than an entrepreneur. She serves on several nonprofit organizations to help make her community a better place to live. “My community service is a big part of who I am.” She is visiting Italy soon where she will be speaking about relationship marketing and how to use new media technology to create a heart centered business. With all she does in her professional life, it’s hard to believe she finds time for leisure, but she makes the time. Cheryl loves any type of water sport, cycling and reading. She spends as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors with her husband Alan and his son, Ian. She says, “Ian has been the son of my heart since I first met him eighteen years ago and Alan is the kindest person I know and has always been so supportive of me.” When I asked Cheryl if she had a particular message she wanted to share, she immediately responded, “Value your life story—everyone has knowledge to share. Most of the time you won’t know that you’ve made a difference, but once in a while, someone shares with you how you impacted their life - that’s an amazing and humbling feeling! Just get out and do it! What you know and share can make someone else’s journey easier.”

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