Love Triumphs in the 21st Century: How Sybil Audiard Overcame Life’s Hurdles with Her Heart!

SybilSybil is hard to define: Mother, teacher, actress, jewelry designer, and entrepreneur… the list goes on and on! Laughter flows from her like a child full of wonder.  Brave, openhearted, and always joyful, you would never know the incredible hardships she has faced.  As I listened to her story, I saw not a woman, but a heroine, and a true champion of love.  She has a big secret to be released in June that will be a symbol for and proof of her open heart.

Before Sybil Had Wings

Challenges began early, but for Sybil, she viewed them more as experiences.  She wanted to become an actress, but her parents, like most parents of that generation, did not approve.  She was told she must have a real profession first.  She pursued teaching and got a certificate, but left soon after to pursue her true passion, and she did this without support from her parents.  In Zurich, she had her first audition and was accepted into the theatre.  After receiving the best score on the exam, she was able to attend school for free.  She was in love at the time and performing on the stage; these were happy times.  “I was living between reality and dreams,” Sybil reminisces.

Coming to America

When her love affair ended, Sybil wanted to get as far away from Heidelberg, Germany as she could, and at that time, America seemed very far away.  She received a scholarship to attend The Actor’s Studio in New York.  Although the scholarship was supposed to cover her studies for a year, it wasn’t enough to sustain her and she had to find work.  She began ruminating about how she could earn money and visualized dog walking as a possible solution.  She was using the law of attraction well before she knew what it was.  She put an announcement in the newspaper, even with limited English, and three weeks later, she was walking a wealthy family’s dog in Central Park and was living on 5th Avenue.

Although Sybil loved all she learned and the people she met, acting in America was quite difficult because you had hundreds of people auditioning for one single role.  She was amazed how actors helped each other, even while competing for the same role.  “They never gave up, and they kept learning” even after they are accomplished.  Sybil appreciated these qualities, as she was as vigilant, with a steadfast commitment to perfecting her art.

Sybil returned to Europe due to a contract she had in a theatre in Munich.  Over the next several years, she played great parts in many theatres and worked with wonderful actors and directors, and even played in a few movies!  While her career was moving forward, another big love story was ending. She was 30 years old, single, and had no children, and went through a period of depression.  She was told she would never have children, which spurred the depression.  However, love knocked on her door once again.  She fell in love with an American actor/teacher.  This relationship was the beginning of multiple changes for Sybil.

A New Life Brings Change

SybilAudiardFamilyShe became pregnant and was forced to leave Germany after the birth of her daughter, Stephanie, because, being Swiss, she was a stranger.  She went home to Switzerland for a short bit, but found it unbearable, due to judgments cast upon a single woman carrying a child.  A friend offered Sybil and her daughter a home in Greece that was uninhabited at the time.  They enjoyed a year here.  Sybil, although enjoying her time with her daughter, wanted to return to acting, but at the same time understood how difficult this would be on her young daughter.  Some friends suggested that she return to the US, which Sybil did.  She found a place where she could spend more time with Stephanie and enjoy her craft, but in a new way.

In Santa Barbara, she earned a living performing in high-end fashion shows at different venues, and in the homes of wealthy people.  “I loved it!  I was acting again,” Sybil says of this time.  She was living in Ojai, California in a Yurt with a small community of others.  A woman from Argentina, who also lived in the community, would open the door for Sybil’s next adventure.  This woman was a jewelry designer and needed help with polishing.  Sybil not only polished the jewelry, but also learned the skill of jewelry making and began creating her own designs.  Back in Europe, in just one month’s time, she had a collection of 30 pieces ready for casting.  She borrowed 5,000 franks from a friend and began her next passion: Jewelry design.

"What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway." Anonymous

In a foundry, in the South of France, Sybil was introduced to a famous sculptor, Michel.  “How do you say in English…love in the first moment?”  Oh, I say, we call that love at first sight.  “Yes, that was it, and my life changed again,” Sybil says with great enthusiasm!  They got married and soon Sybil was expecting another child.  By the time Luc, her second child, was one and a half, he was still unable to walk or talk.  Doctors didn’t know what was wrong, and some simply said boys are slower to develop.  By the age of three, Sybil wanted some answers.  She will never forget, she says, that day.  While breastfeeding her third child, Melinee, Michel and Sybil were sitting at a large table across from doctors hoping to finally have an answer about Luc.  “Your child will never be normal,” they said, and “it was as though Michel would break,” says Sybil with deep compassion.  Sybil was left to tend to her three children and their business, a foundry they had built on their property.  Sybil had been organizing exhibitions in Munich, Frankfort and Zurich, while also managing the paperwork and portfolios.   She was hardly sleeping.  Michel escaped by going out with friends, and eventually, falling in love with another woman.  Sybil explains all of this without an ounce of bitterness.  She even sounds compassionate towards his transgression.  I can’t help but ask, “How do you do it?  How are you not bitter or angry?”  Her response is both simple and yet, so profound:  “What do we know?  You cannot put a boundary around your partner.  You cannot say you are mine and only mine!  We are all free.  If he is not coming to me because he loves me and on his own, then it is of no value to me.”  In a way, she says, their relationship got deeper after this, but later, slowly fell apart and became impossible.  Her oldest daughter, Stephanie, made a comment that would ultimately change the course of their lives:  “This is just not a life for us anymore,” her daughter said, and this comment “woke me up,” Sybil recalls.

There were rough patches taking care of three children and earning a living.  With very little help, Sybil managed to take care of her disabled son, give her daughters an education in good schools, and earn enough money to support them, whether by selling goods in markets in the freezing cold, selling Michel’s sculptures, or giving massages, she never went without the necessities. Although she tried to get back into acting, she knew it would be next to impossible to maintain the rigorous schedule of an actress and care for three children.  She has never regretted her decision.  “The children always come first.  This was never a question for me” Sybil says. What is truly incredible is Sybil made time for fun.  She gave her children the gift of time and travel, and they all have fond memories of exploring Europe together.

Learning To Fly

In 2008, Sybil was studying with Bob Proctor and really attracted to the idea of having multiple streams of income.  She had seen videos of John Assaraf, but was not especially drawn to him at first.  However, she always went back and watched the videos. Once she became a client of his, she was hooked!  “I was amazed by all of the material I found!” She purchased Winning the Game of Money last year, and since then, things haven’t been the same. John Assaraf’s brain-trainingtm program transformed Sybil’s life and what she believed was possible.  She is sure her Big Secret would never have come into existence without Winning the Game of Money. This program “helped me get out of debt,” she says.  She also purchased Having It All and Winning the Game of Procrastination and Fear.  She revisits audio tracks from the programs to keep focused.  She says of John, “there is a very big difference between John Assaraf and anyone else out there.  He is there and humble, in the community, answering questions personally, and he is akin to a Zen Master.  He really cares and is interested in helping.”  She commented further regarding the live training sessions: “He answers questions, interacts directly with you, and takes part in the discussions in the community.  When there is a real need, he is reachable, and not hiding behind assistants like many others.  Where else can you get that?”  The spirit in the community reflects John’s example, a spirit of open-minded, openhearted loving kindness, says Sybil. Anyone considering purchasing John Assaraf’s program should “of course, go ahead!  Doors will open you never would have thought of… a gold mine!”

Her Life’s Work

Sybil AudiardSybil is a lover, and I imagine, always will be.  Her real story, the story of her life, begins with love, both being in love and learning to let go.  Her commitment to her children has never waivered.  This single part of her, how she loves, is why her Big Secret in June is going to be a gift to the world and a testament to what love can do!  Her biggest challenge now is getting everything ready for the show.  She is following love’s yellow brick road.

All of this is just the beginning! The work of her life will end, as all fairytales do, in a castle, but not just any old castle.  Sybil’s castle will be a place you visit to do something good for yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally.  She already sees the communal room with a large fireplace with guests sitting all around sharing their stories, dreams and passions.  “Every relationship you have is for a reason, and not by chance,” she says. This one sentence defines Sybil’s nature, her true self, and proof of how love trumps all.

Sybil has so many interests, such as Aikido, laido, and Kyudo.  She is a certified massage therapist.  She has even participated in African dance as a form of healing.  Her thirst and passion for new experiences never wanes, and neither does her love, which she spreads across the air creating a magnetic resonance, similar to that last flash of light before the sun fades over the horizon.  Her three children, Stephanie, Melinee, and Luc, continue to blossom. Stephanie is fluent in four languages and received her Masters with cum laude in Culture and Development.  Melinee speaks five languages and is studying History and History of Art in Birmingham, England, and Luc remains at home in the loving care of Sybil.

by Kelly Stokes Brown