5 Steps to Stimulate your Brain for Success using Your Vision Board

Activating the Neurological Laws of Attraction

Science reveals to us that we are social creatures with brains hardwired for relationships. In order to have fulfilling human relationships, we need to develop the capacity to peer into the intentions, emotions and interior minds of other people. When we learn how to do so, we can communicate with empathy and compassion. You might think of this as a form of “mind reading” In which two brains begin to function as one. This is known as neural resonance, and it helps us to understand and actually experience the thoughts and feelings of others.i It may even involve specialized “mirror neurons” that allow us to mimic the actions of other people.ii

The Law of Attraction depends on our ability to resonate to other people, and the more we train our brain to communicate our dreams and desires to others, the more we will attract people into our lives who share a similar vision. In fact, by building an image of your ideal future self, your brain will begin to program itself to make that image become a reality.
Here’s a simple exercise that will allow you to feel this powerful principle of self-realization: Visualize the type of person you ideally want to be. How would you think about yourself? How would you handle conflicts? What is the ideal way that you would relate to your loved ones?

Now imagine yourself in the workplace. Visualize yourself as the best leader you can possibly be. Notice how that makes you feel. Even at this moment, you are changing your brain and the old self-image it has created. You are building a new you simply by thinking about the “you” you want to become.

The more you hold this vision in your mind, the more other people begin to resonate to your new self-image. That’s how the neuroscientific law of attraction actually works, and the more you focus on this ideal relationship with your future self, the more people you’ll attract into your life with similar visions and goals. And, as the two of you interact with each other, the more your brains begin to function as one.

Together, you can build a powerful positive emotional state that becomes associated with your product and services. This, in turn, will attract other people who will want to buy those services and products because they will intuitively know that it will bring them closer to their own goals of achieving an ideal self.

Vision Boards, Mirror Neurons, and Neural Resonance

You can use vision boards to increase the power of your brain to achieve your goals and dreams. When you see pictures of what you want, and you visualize people engaged in activities that bring them closer to their vision, the mirror neurons in areas that control consciousness and motivation are stimulated. As you look at your vision board and visualize taking active steps toward achieving them, your brain begins to push you into action. Follow the steps below to optimize your vision board, stimulate your mirror neurons, and thereby activate the neurological laws of attraction:

  1. Choose images that evoke strong, positive emotional states. While some of these images will be pictures of certain material things you desire, it’s also important to include pictures of important figures whose lives you wish to emulate in some way. If possible, include pictures of these individuals exhibiting emotions and actions related to their biggest achievements.

  3. Take a mental and emotional journey into these images every morning and evening, and visualize yourself taking the necessary steps to bring you closer to your goal. Become deeply familiar with the interior states of the important people you’ve included in your vision board. What intentions have they formed in order to achieve their success? What is most important to them? How do they feel? What impulses do they act on? How do their priorities order their lives?

  5. Relate these interior states to what you most desire, and envision yourself thinking these thoughts, feeling these feelings, and acting on them with as much sensory detail as possible.

  7. Write down whatever creative ideas and positive action items come to you.

  9. Finally, and most important, map out on paper a strategy that encourages you to take immediate and consistent positive action each and every day.

Because your brain does not clearly distinguish between inner visions and outer realities, vision boards make it easier for you to take such actions consistently. In addition, the positive emotions you evoke during this practice will not only elicit similar emotional states in the people around you, but will also be more likely to attract to you new relationships that foster identical positive and empowering emotions. iii

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