Getting in Control of Your Health by Shedding Sabotaging Beliefs

Loving, kind and open hearted, Agnes Csurgai was hesitant to share her experience because she thought it was too subjective. She wasn’t sure her story would make a difference, or even appeal to others. For those of you who may be struggling with health problems or struggling with fear, this story will give you hope, hope and a path to overcome your unconscious fears that are holding you back from living a healthy, happy and productive life! You, too, may face a hesitation to begin and commit, but once you do, you will be in awe of all you can achieve!

Born in Hungary, Agnes says, “My home country is wonderful, has a great culture, but at the same time, people are always complaining and very negative… as if the country has a very heavy spiritual burden.” Although she began in Hungary, Agnes now lives in Brussels, Belgium where she works as a translator for the European Union. She is fluent in Hungarian and English and also speaks conversational French and Italian. Even as a young girl, she loved languages, and as a teenager, she travelled extensively.

She continues to travel and learn languages today. She works out six days per week, either swimming, doing yoga or hiking. She loves music and plays the piano. It’s hard to believe less than one year ago, she was on medication for high blood pressure (a genetic condition she inherited), was tired all the time, was over-weight and consumed a large amount of caffeine and sugar on a daily basis. How did Agnes go from tired, caffeine and sugar consuming to energetic and working out every day? She faced her fears using brain training, and took action to turn her life into magic!

About 4 years ago, Agnes had the flu with symptoms that never seemed to go away. She consulted several doctors, but they couldn’t find a reason for her symptoms. Her blood pressure was rising and this, too, according to doctors, was just part of her genetic makeup. Agnes took it upon herself and began actively seeking a way to feel better. She spent time researching on the internet and found several different avenues, one of which was transitioning to whole foods. From here, she was led to a list of recommended programs, one of them being The Mind Mastery Summit. The speakers impressed her, and one of them, John Assaraf, seemed to have complete control of his life. At the time, she hesitated investing in Winning the Game of Money because she is not a business person, but she says, “My desire to try this program became greater than my reluctance.”

The road to brain training wasn’t an easy one for Agnes. As soon as she began Winning the Game of Money, she started to develop fears that she had not been aware of prior. She lost her mother at the tender age of 17, and her father became very ill two years later. She looked after her father for 10 years, a very difficult time for both of them. She knew these fears could be “linked to her personal history,” and related to her family’s illnesses she saw as a young woman. She began to experience panic attacks, and felt anxiety she had never experienced prior. She stopped and started the program several times due to the anxiety, headaches and dizziness. However, she persevered. Agnes says, “The love and support I received from the PraxisNow team, my accountability partner and the community was what got me through it.”

One of the most helpful bonuses to Winning the Game programs is the community, according to Agnes. She began participating in the forums regularly and gained immensely from several threads. The “healing power” of the community has deeply affected Agnes. Along with the tremendous support from other members, there are great topics that aid in taking action. “There was a thread ‘30 days—Start this, stop this now!’ in the community” that Agnes used as a challenge. She gave up coffee and refined sugar and began exercising regularly.

When Winning the Game of Fear and Procrastination became available, Agnes made the investment because she still wanted to achieve more. Even from the introduction, she “understood certain patterns” and this was very helpful in overcoming fears. “There was a shift in my thinking,” says Agnes. “I could see my fears from the outside and manage them, in the sense that I could receive love and replace tragic memories.”

Agnes has lost 20 pounds, and she has had measurably improved health results! More importantly, she has more energy and is able to spend more time doing the things she loves. She also participated in Having It All, Success Manifestors and How to Get More Done in Less Time. By planning her day, Agnes took control of her life and continues to use these time management skills today. “I achieve more because I choose what and who is important, and I plan,” she says. “I didn’t expect to have all of this success… I did it for my health, and I feel changed, optimistic and grateful,” she says in disbelief. The unexpected results from the brain training programs, the involvement in the community, and access to the training and coaching calls occurred in a relatively short period of time. “I got back more than what I invested… I got back a lot of time,” she says. Agnes would absolutely recommend the brain training programs to others, but she says, “I would tell them to take it slowly because they are very powerful.”