How Garry Overcame the Fear of Success and Failure

Garry_FilippiniA charming and serious Australian bloke, Garry longs to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing his lessons learned along his journey.  What left me in awe of Garry was his unflinching persistence to “get on with it,” even in the darkest times.  During our short interview, I was reeling with the question, what makes one person persevere and another give up?  While Garry’s answer is simple, it is also profound, and will make you want to tuck away that white flag forever.

Pain in the Hearth

Garry has had his fair share of financial and emotional ups and downs.  There have been times when he says, “I was in a very dark place.  My life was as if a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle had been dropped on the floor and I had to put it all back together.”

Growing up, Garry’s younger years were great.  As a young teen, however, he suffered abuse by his father.  The abuse became so unbearable, to save himself, he left his home and traveled across the continent.  He had various jobs, and like all young men, found a little trouble along the way. In Western Australia, he met people who took him under their wings.  Although he didn’t realize it at the time, looking back, these friends changed the course of his life for the better.  There were many years during this time in which Garry isolated himself because of the trust issues from his youth.  How could he trust anyone when his own father mistreated him?  Garry says, “I’ve been through the mill, got scars inside and out… but I am here to live a better life, and I want others to know they can live a better life.”

When Death Becomes a Teacher

When his father passed away four years ago, Garry was left with the aftermath of his father’s failing business.  When Garry took over, the business was losing thousands of dollars monthly and was more of a liability than an asset.  After some time and tremendous effort, Garry was able to completely turn this business into an income-generating asset.  “He was the best teacher after he died,” says Garry about his father.

How was Garry able to overcome such enormous personal and financial obstacles?  He says the answer is in how you look at life.  He has “developed a mental toughness” because of what he has been through, and he feels fortunate to have broken through the boundaries. “I tend to get on with it because what I have learned is there is good in the bad and bad in the good.” His tenacity and courage to get back up and “have another try” separates him from others who give up.  Also, Garry is constantly seeking information and inspiration from books and courses.  One of those life-changing books was Denis Waitley’s Seeds of Greatness.  Learning to balance the 8 important areas in life was essential for Garry. “I found out exactly where I was in life and I had to change. I do this pie chart at the end of every quarter to see in what areas I may be lacking.”

Garry_Filippini2Winning the Game of Money brain-trainingtm program was the “icing on the cake,” Garry says.  He is forming a master group now with people who are turning up in his life.  He admits, however, that it came at the correct time for him. “Had I listened to those (brain-training audios) three years ago, they would not have worked.”  Garry was ready to go to the next level and John Assaraf’s program allowed him to do just that. “The last push I needed came from Kristen. She really steered me through.  She has been tremendous and I am so grateful to John and his team.”

Common Cents

Having overcome both the fear of failure and fear of success, Garry’s next bold adventure is finishing his book to help others gain control of their finances, and ultimately, their lives.  According to Garry, “People are off track with what life is about.”  There is no point in driving fancy cars and living in houses you can’t afford.  People have become slaves to consumerism.  Garry let me have a peek inside his book, and he offers pragmatic advice with regards to how we view and spend money.  From budgeting to creating and securing wealth, Garry’s book is sure to be a success.  “We have a choice,” he says, about how we choose to live our lives. “If you spend your life chasing money, you are wasting it.”

Garry’s Motto for Success

“Don’t look at the whole thing.  Tackle one piece at a time. The rest will fall into place.” Keep all areas of your life in balance.  Reading the poem, “The Quitter,” every day inspired Garry to get back up and give it another try, even while in the pit of despair.  For Garry, quitting is never an option. “It has taken me years, through reading books and listening and taking courses, to turn things around, but it can be done and now I wish to aim for the stars.”

Quieting the Mind

Garry has been with his partner, Belinda, for 16 years.  They have two sons who are now 10 and 8 years old.  They spend time on a regular basis camping outdoors.  Garry also enjoys bushwalking and fishing.  He makes time for himself to recharge by turning off his phone and getting away from it all.  What never stops for Garry is his passion to learn and grow.  The lingering thought for me is, it is not so much WHAT happens to you in life, but HOW you handle what happens that makes all the difference.  Garry is right when he says, “We have a choice.”

By Kelly Stokes Brown