How to Overcome Imaginary Fears to Create Success In Your Life

Overcoming Imaginary Fears to Create Success

Research demonstrates that many parts of our brain respond to our fantasies and fears as though they were objectively real. Take money, for example. If you imagine you are rich, you'll feel safe and protected, even if you are poor. But if you believe that you may be in financial trouble in the future, your amygdala will release a cascade of stress neurochemicals that can damage your heart and brain - even if you are a billionaire! Imaginary fears may occasionally motivate you to make money, but it can also stop your brain from taking any action at all.

ThoughtA realistic assessment of your fantasies and fears helps maintain a healthy brain, but don't give up your dreams of future happiness and success. These, too, are essential for neurological health. For example, meditating on prosperity makes you feel good because it stimulates the reward centers of your brain. But it's not enough to propel your brain to take action. To do this, you'll need to add several "ingredients" to generate a winning formula for success.

First, create a prosperity plan: enter a deep contemplative state and invite your subconscious to select a goal that you genuinely desire and need. Next, write down 3 initial steps that will bring you closer to your goal. Circle the one that you can do today, then meditate on this plan, knowing that it will stimulate the motivational circuits in your brain. Decide when to it and put it in your appointment book. At the end of the day, write down your progress, large or small, and savor the feeling of success. The neurochemicals that will be released will deepen the quality of your sleep.

In the morning, meditate on the next step that will bring you closer to your goal, repeating the steps above. You'll quickly retrain your brain, transforming the "labor" of success into a pleasurably spiritual pursuit.

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