Snapshot of Lessons Learned at Money2

Money2 was more than just an event.  It was a life changing experience where a greater consciousness was created by sharing and connecting among people with a common goal: to live life squared!  Delight in this collective message board where attendees shared morsels of personal wisdom during our event. 
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“I prefer to be scared over being regretful” – J. Assaraf

“Scarcity * Security * Success * SIGNIFICANCE”

“Become a master of controlling your EMOTIONS”

“We all have a genius inside”

“meditation = thinking”

“When you commit the universe commits with you”

“Transformation squared”

“Forgive Quickly”

“Success is an inside Job”

“Nothing is more important than how you’re thinking”

“I am the creator of my story”

“Right Place, Right People, Right Time”

“I don’t believe, I know!”

GOYA! (Get off your ass! And DO IT!)

“The magic is within you”

“Changing our brain changes us and changes the world”

Everything is POSSIBLE!

“Hire people who play at what you need to work at!”

“My C.R.A.P. is NOT reality!”

“It’s OK to not know, knowing is over-rated”

“You will never outperform your inner self image!”

“Your Perception is Everything”

The practice of mindfulness is to achieve AWARENESS.

“Change is the only real constant!”

“Support from the Source is Supreme!”

“BIG Vision, BIG Results!”

“Fear Nothing!”

“Clarity is Foundational”

“Let the past go, forgive fast!”

“Everyone has their own variable gestation period”

“Punch through your fears!”

“I am now ready to release my old ego/self, a thing I never thought possible!” – Maxim

“Now is the best time to step into your greatness!”

“Hold yourself to a higher standard”

“Dicipline weighs ounces, regret weighs a ton!”

“Failure is information to change your track”

“How you do anything is how you do everything!”

“Be the change you want!”

“Life is a game and you have already won!”

“Even if my crap is real I’m NOT going to let that stop me!”

“FOUCUS, Get Centered, Get Balanced, See yourself going THROUGH the GOAL”


“In the end, there is only love.”

“No one and nothing bothers me”

“Love is a wonderful thing!”

“Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk!”

“Look for progress, not perfection!”

“Meditate, visualize and jump into your fears!”