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Monthly 2-Hour LIVE Q&A Sessions with Me. Ask REAL questions and get REAL answers.

This is your opportunity to get very specific with John on the challenges or opportunities you are dealing with. Get the ANSWERS you need to overcome any problem, quickly and easily. Or just get your creative juices flowing to ensure you keep moving in the right direction and are achieving the wealth you desire.

Over 10 Hours of Video from Past LIVE Q&A Sessions, Transcripts and Audios.

Learn the secrets to optimize your money-making ability and get the never before seen tips you need to amplify your finances, your business (and your life)! You will have unlimited access to past questions asked by members to help you leapfrog your success. Learn from other members I have helped to master their “Inner Game”.

Expert Interviews on EVERYTHING from time management to making more money to the latest developments in brain research!

Interviews with world renowned experts in brain science, finance, business and personal development will be emailed every month to motivate you to get from where you are to where you want to be, faster and easier than ever before. The more you learn, the more you earn!

Connect with a community of over 4,000 “NeuroTrainers”...

Interact and network with people who are on the same journey of increased success you are on RIGHT NOW! The connections you’ll make and the help you'll receive from others will maximize your growth and success.

Collaborate with your OWN “accountability partner”.

All NeuroTrainers are encouraged to have an accountability partner who will work to keep you on-track, keep you focused and give you the motivation and encouragement you need to achieve ultimate success! Your accountability partner helps you stay on track as you do your daily Innercise™ program, and by helping them stay on track, you also learn and grow!

NeuroCoaching with Mark Waldman

Get in the groove with others in the community and chat with other experts from our company. Science has proven that support and ongoing encouragement from others is one of the best ways to stay the course for adopting new habits and behaviors, so you can start seeing REAL, LASTING SUCCESS!

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