Praxis Now NeuroGym™

Brain plasticity... "Discovery of the Decade."

I have some amazing news for you - Our brains are not hardwired like we once thought they were! Our brains are constantly making new connections as we experience life and learn new ideas, patterns and skills. These connections formulate our thoughts, beliefs, habits and emotions. For years it was thought that genetics ruled over us and that we had little room for change – I am here to tell you that the latest research shows that by doing specific daily Innercise™ you have the capacity to create greater density in the cortex, speeding the growth that allows for better communication between all of the parts of the brain. In addition, by creating new positive and constructive neural patterns, old destructive ones start to lose their power and negative effects on you. Simply put, using our Neurogym products, programs or services will help you to reduce stress, reduce anxiety reduce fear and finally achieve the results you desire which will allow you to have more success, peace and joy in your life than you ever thought possible.

Why Our Neurogym Products Work

The scientific evidence that supports our success claims have been drawn from ten years of extensive research and training in the fields of neuropsychology, neuro-economics, and neuro-cognitive and priming techniques. Neuro-economic research confirms that the "right" combination of intention, concentration, priming and relaxation will improve neural functioning in ways that are essential for generating more income, growing your business and improving cooperation with anyone – at work, or at home.

Praxis Now incorporates these evidence-based methodologies into all of our Innercise™ programs, drawing from hundreds of peer-reviewed studies on mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), meditation, clinical hypnosis, brainwave functioning, positive thinking, affirmations, guided visualization, clinical hypnotherapy, subliminal messaging, and neuro-auditory entrainment.

Using this research, we have created a series of powerful Innercise™ programs and applications that can change the structure and functioning of 12 key areas in your brain – in 12 weeks or less!

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