It’s called the 3-to-1 ratio, and it’s one of the most important findings of the decade. Barbara Fredrickson, the genius of the positive psychology movement, coined the term and it simply means this: in order to succeed in business, finances, intimate relationships, or personal health, you must consciously and unconsciously generate at least three positive thoughts and feelings for every negative feeling or thought your have. You must decrease negativity and increase positivity.

The research is definitive, and it’s independently confirmed by Marcial Losada’s research with corporate teams and John Gottman’s research with marital couples : if you want your business or your personal relationships to flourish, you’ll need to generate a 5-to-1 ratio of positivity to negativity. If you generate less than 3-to-1, your efforts are likely to fail. Praxis Now Programs include documented measurement tools that you can use to track your positivity ratio. You’ll see for yourself how rapidly you can retrain yourself to develop a lifetime 5-to-1 ratio – a win/win state of mind for anything you want to achieve.

Our programs also include a unique "Daily Commitment and Tracking Sheet" that will further enhance your ability to accomplish any goal you truly desire to manifest in your life. It consolidates 30 years of documented research in the field of cognitive-behavioral psychology.

All of our audio training programs include precision affirmations, brainwave pattern stimulation, subliminal messaging and proper language patterns to enhance your overall positive thinking and feelings. In addition our main focus in in rapidly creating the right subconscious beliefs, habits and behaviors that are needed to achieve the business or financial goals you set.

Writing Down Your Goals Is Essential

Ten new university studies confirm an amazing fact: If you want to be more successful, accomplish more goals, and improve your self-confidence, write down your objectives and achievements every day. Writing trains key parts of your brain to become more focused and motivated. But you have to state your goals in clear and positive ways. If you focus on negative thoughts, feelings, or doubts, you’ll become more emotionally distraught, and you’ll accomplish less than you can. But, as the research shows, if you simply write down three good things that happen to you each day, and do this for a week, your sense of happiness will continue to grow over the next three months!  Unlike placebos, the effects do not fade away.

A new study by Gail Matthews demonstrated that you can increase your productivity by 50% simply by writing down your goals. And if you write out a clear action commitment, and share it with a colleague or friend, you’ll double your achievement/success rate.

All of our training programs take into consideration the best research to enhance your chances of success by incorporating as many known elements to increase the likelihood of you achieving your goals. Our tracking system and ongoing support ensures that isn addition to writing your goals, you receive the support needed to follow through on them.

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