Scientific Breakthroughs

Brain plasticity: This discovery is referred to as the “Discovery of The Decade.”

Our brains are not hardwired as once thought. Our brain is constantly making new connections as we experience life and learn new ideas, patterns and skills. These connections formulate our thoughts, beliefs, habits and emotions. The parts of the human brain that are directly related to motivation, emotional regulation, social awareness, and conscious decision-making are some of the most flexible neural circuits in the brain. These neural circuits act like software in a computer. Change the software and you change the output. We now know that we can can change our behaviors and our moods while continually improving our abilities to be more productive and successful throughout life. But we have to use specific neuro-cognitive strategies to lower stress and improve mental concentration in additions to “upgrading” our own software around money, business, health etc.

We know that our beliefs and habits are the causes of our actions and therefore our results. Beliefs and habits are neural networks that are part of our subconscious brain and making changes to them requires a re training to formulate new neural patterns of thoughts and behavior.

When you learn to fully concentrate on positive intentions and goals, while remaining in a deep state of relaxation, your brain reorganizes itself. It processes new information with greater efficiency. It suppresses the brain's natural tendencies to be emotionally distracted and revert back to it's old self. The two hemispheres of the brain communicate more fully and effectively with each other. In fact, the latest research shows that in doing daily innercises have the capacity to create greater density in the cortex, speeding up dendrite growth that allows for better communication between all of the parts of the brain.

Enhanced Awareness and Consciousness

For years, philosophers and psychologists have suggested that consciousness can be improved. Neuroscience now shows how we can specifically accomplish this amazing feat. For example, Praxis Now Innercise™ will activate the precuneus, one of the newest evolutionary brain structures. It’s a key area that regulates human consciousness, mental imagery strategies, and memory retrieval. Activating this “mindful awareness” circuit brings you into the present moment, suspending habituated biases and judgments. In this unique state of awareness, ineffective beliefs fall away as new neural circuits are formed that will motivate you toward greater productivity and success.

Praxis Now Innercise™ include strategies that have been shown to increase occipital gamma power which is correlated with enhanced sensory awareness. According to a recent study, these strategies are capable of creating stronger neural connections in the anterior cingulate, thus providing “a means for improving self-regulation and perhaps reducing or preventing various mental disorders.”

The Innercise™ we’ve created include techniques that cause “changes in gray matter concentration in brain regions involved in learning and memory processes, emotion regulation, self-referential processing, and perspective taking.” They have even been shown to increase cortical thickness in areas that allow us to consciously lower our sensitivity to pain.

Our stress-reduction interventions have been shown to actually shrink the size of the amygdala – the “fight-or-flight” structure of the brain – thereby lowering stress, anxiety, and fear. This allows us to increase our productivity while experiencing more satisfaction and joy. And as you continue to practice regularly, the research shows that you will develop “abilities and habits to cultivate positive emotions, retain emotional stability, and engage in mindful behavior.” All this leads to changing from the inside out in order to achieve the financial and business goals you desire to accomplish.

Brainscan studies show that a combination of intention, relaxation, and concentration stimulate the motor cortex, which propels us into taking action. As long as you learn to stay intensely focused on your goal, you will literally be driven to succeed. That’s what our proven technologies and methodologies can do.

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