Why it Works

Using proven Technologies and Methodologies will maximize peak performance

To retrain your brain to higher levels of financial and business success and achieve optimal brain functioning, you have to Innercise™ your neural circuits for 15-30 minutes per day, integrating four key methodologies: Intention, Relaxation, Concentration, and Motivational Priming. The evidence supporting this has been drawn from ten years of extensive research in the fields of neuropsychology, neuroeconomics, and neuro-cogntive training. Neuroeconomic research confirms that the “right” combination of intention, concentration, and relaxation will improve neural functioning in ways that are essential for generating more income, growing your business and improving cooperation with anyone – at work, or at home.

Praxis Now incorporates these evidence-based methodologies into our NeuroTraining™ programs, drawing from hundreds of peer-reviewed studies on mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), meditation, clinical hypnosis, brainwave functioning, positive thinking, affirmations, guided visualization, clinical hypnotherapy, subliminal messaging, and neuro-auditory entrainment. Using this research, we have created a series of powerful NeuroTraining™ programs and innercise™ that can change the structure and functioning of 12 key areas in the brain – in 12 weeks or less!

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