Overcoming Self-Doubt and the Fear of Not Being Good Enough

“We get to say how our life goes. Sometimes it is tough to know how to, but take the steps. Find people who are in alignment with your vision and learn from them. You will start to attract people, events, a certain environment…we have that kind of power. I’m an example.”

Sarah Luxemburg, owner of Abundant Health and Success, helps people live a life they love through coaching in the areas of personal development, health and education. With a ray of light smile and an incredibly warm and open personality, Sarah is an example that it is not the experiences in life that shape us, but our perceptions about those experiences and how we use them to help ourselves and others.

It was no surprise that Sarah pursued a career in personal development, as her parents exposed her to this field as a young child. Although her parents divorced when Sarah was young, she looked at this as having the benefit of two sets of parents instead of a great loss. Unfortunately, her mom passed away from cancer when Sarah was just 17 years old. I remember thinking, “How am I going to go on without my mom?” She remained strong for her two younger brothers who were only 8 and 9 years old at the time. Experiencing the loss of her mother to cancer made Sarah realize how important health truly is and this sparked her passion for helping others in this area. Although she knew she would pursue work in the personal development field early on, she struggled with doubts about what she could truly offer others.

Overcoming self-doubt and the fear of not being good enough

Sarah had many limiting beliefs that were holding her back. “I didn’t think I was good enough, or knew enough,” she says. She also had many limiting beliefs about money. Growing up, she learned money was hard to come by and there was never enough. There was always the underlying belief from her parents that money should be spread equally. Combined with these self-doubts, Sarah was also in a very abusive relationship during her 20’s. The relationship didn’t begin this way, but over time, it became unbearable, so much so that Sarah made a bold decision to move from Melbourne to Queensland to completely break ties and start anew.

The Power of Brain Training

Sarah met John Assaraf in Melbourne. She already owned Having it All, a foundational guide to set and achieve your goals in all areas of your life. She spoke with him briefly before he presented. She felt a lot of uncertainty and was unclear about her path, which was her motivation for attending the event. She purchased Winning the Game of Money, and although she waited three months to start this program, the results she experienced were almost instant! “The importance of repetition and working through that initial fear was crucial for me,” she says. Sarah felt more confident, inspired and more in tune with what she wanted to achieve. “Before this program, I felt emotionally and financially insecure. I was working in a job I didn’t enjoy.” After Winning the Game of Money, Sarah says she has a connection to her work and she gives more of herself to what she does. She found the courage and self-confidence to start her own business, Abundant Health and Success, and now she is doing work that is meaningful and of service to others.

Transformation at Money2

“Something changed for me after Money2. I thought no one would be interested in my story, until I heard Bo Eason.” If anyone knows the power of sharing personal stories, it’s Sarah! We heard her share about her abusive relationship and what she learned about herself…a very moving story that was genuine and focused more on how her sharing could help others. According to Sarah, “Sharing personal stories is powerful and a huge responsibility!” If we cause worry, then the story hasn’t served its purpose. If we are sharing in a way that can help and support others and make a difference in other people’s lives, then we use our past experiences to help us live in the present. “We start on a journey, too afraid to say how it really is, until we find a safe environment.” This is where opportunity happens…and where we connect with others who understand and support us. The lesson here is to share your story, and one of the best places to do this is in the PraxisNow Community. “Use it. Don’t be afraid,” Sarah encourages. The community is a great resource where you can reach out to others for support, and where you can easily see “you are not alone.”

Field of Dreams

Sarah has some big dreams for her future, which I have no doubt she will achieve! Her main goal is to be an integral part in a global transformation affecting billions of lives in health, personal development and education. Owning a tropical island is next on her list. She hopes to create a resort where people come together for healing, transformation and, of course, fun! And finally, she wants to travel the world while working. One of the biggest lessons Sarah has learned along her journey is that fear and excitement are the same. “If I keep doing my work and am of service to others, the universe will provide.”

To learn more about Sarah and the services she offers, email her at sarah@ahsint.com