Affiliate Manager

PraxisNow is looking for an Affiliate Manager...

…who will build, run and manage the PraxisNow Affiliate and JV Program. The job will entail supporting existing affiliates, co-creating content with creative and copyrighting, developing distribution, creating affiliate training and education materials, negotiating advertising and link placement, managing the reconciliation, accounting and payments to our Partners.

This is an incredible opportunity to work directly with the PraxisNow Management Team to develop a World Class Joint Venture Platform.

As the PraxisNow Affiliate Manager, you have access to everything: Newsletter back issues, MP3′s, transcripts, products, CD’s, DVD’s, testimonials. Free passes to all seminars and events. My staff and I work with you to build our online presence to what it should be. Because our products and sales funnels convert well, because we already have successful affiliates, and because of our good reputation online and offline, you have the proof you need go recruit more affiliates and JV partners.


  • Has been a successful affiliate themselves, or else been an affiliate manager, had their own affiliates and succeeded through them(in other words, must be someone who has already successfully done this job)
  • Must be absolutely trustworthy with money, customer and business data
  • Respects confidentiality of individual affiliates and their strategies; does not unfairly pit affiliates against each other
  • Based in San Diego area is a distinct advantage, but is not a requirement
  • Able to pick up the phone and recruit and sell
  • Able to make persuasive connections with people via email
  • Espouses the values, aims and style of Praxis Now (a John Assaraf Company)
  • We consider experience with offline versions of “affiliates” (distributors, reps, sales channels) to be valuable
  • Able to support various KINDS of affiliates: GoogleCashers, arbitragers, SEO people, owners of email lists, Web 2.0 / social media people, bloggers, publicists, banner ad people, guys who make YouTube videos etc., people who place ads in ezines; even those who place inserts, flyers, print ads & direct mail
  • Must be great with Microsoft Excel and other Office Programs


  • Contacts existing affiliates to find out what they need and how we can support them better
  • Works to re-purpose content and articles and gives them to affiliates for distribution
  • Takes copy, content and concepts from our own testing, ads and experiments and distributes it to affiliates
  • Gets our links and content embedded in other peoples’ websites, shopping cart upsells, autoresponder sequences, ebooks and products
  • Finds high profile people outside of the familiar partnerships who are good candidates for JV’s
  • Identifies niche industries outside of the familiar Internet Marketing space who are good candidates for JV’s
  • Organizes promotions for one-time events, product launches and specials
  • Prioritizes activities according to productivity and potential productivity of affiliates
  • Managing Infusionsoft Affiliate Module
  • Managing all Affiliate Reporting, Tracking and Payments. You will be working closely with our Bookkeeper.
  • Tracking conversion and analytics to continually improve ROI


  • Base Plus Performance
  • The income potential is substantial
  • You will be an employee of PraxisNow, LLC, one of the fastest growing companies in the Brain ReTrainment Industry.

Selection Process: What To Do Next

We will require multiple solid references, run a credit check; candidate must pass pre-hiring tests. You can expect us to run you through a maze and it’s going to take a few weeks. Everyone who applies and fully complete the application will receive a response one way or another.

OK... we're excited to see your interest!

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out the application below in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  2. Make a YouTube Video covering all five points below:

    1. Your Name
    2. Where you are from
    3. Why you want to work for PraxisNow
    4. Why you want to work alongside John Assaraf
    5. What makes you the right person for this job? (this is NOT a time to be shy)!

    Once you finish your video, upload it to YouTube with the title of “RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN AT PRAXISNOW-AFFILIATE MANAGER”, then send the link to us via email to with subject line RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN AT PRAXISNOW-AFFILIATE MANAGER.

  3. List all of the software programs that you have expertise in (Infusionsoft is a plus)
  4. What was the annual revenue of the affiliate program YOU ran at your last company?
    (US Dollars) *
  5. How many hours per week would you ideally like to work? What's your ideal work schedule?
  6. What are your salary requirements? Please provide your minimum annual salary requirement. This number should not include commissions, bonuses or over-rides.
    (US Dollars) *
  7. When are you available to start?
  8. Please provide your contact information
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    Email Address:

    Mobile Phone:

    Your Website:

We'll be in touch soon. We do respond to all inquiries so you will hear from us one way or another. We do respond to all complete inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s the deadline on this?

A: First come, first serve. We will be filling this position as soon as possible. If you are reading this description that means we are still looking. This description will be taken down once we find the perfect candidate.

Q: What is PraxisNow looking to accomplish?

A: A million People around the World Retaining their Brain, a robust JV and Affiliate Program, Our JV Manager making a lot of money, our Affiliates making a lot of money, more promotions for our products built into other marketers’ sales funnels (autoresponders, shopping cart upsells) – not just links on web sites and diverse partnerships covering many industries and distribution channels.