Change begins with a positive intentional thought, dream, desire, or goal. This stimulates your frontal lobes, one of the key centers of conscious decision-making and motivation. It’s also where imagination and creativity take place. PraxisNow programs use only those strategies that have been scientifically documented to increase neural activity and density in specific regions of the frontal lobe. Frontal lobe stimulation suppresses emotional volatility generated by the limbic regions of the brain. This causes you to experience less neurological stress, anxiety, frustration, confusion, doubt, fear and uncertainty. If these feelings and emotions are not controlled, they will undermine your ability to succeed at anything.


The neuroscientific research is definitive: conscious relaxation, when combined with deep attentiveness and concentration, improves peak performance. Praxis Now innercise™ trains your brain to enter deep states of relaxed awareness, allowing you to focus on your goals with intense clarity, for extended periods of time. Brainscan studies confirm that relaxation improves memory, cognition, concentration, and peak performance. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and thus improves heart function by lowering cardiovascular stress. It releases dopamine and other neurochemicals that generate feelings of deep satisfaction as we pursue our goals with optimal proficiency. In addition, deep relaxation makes it easier to reprogram your subconscious muind


We are not born with an ability to intensely focus on our goals, nor are we trained in the art of concentration in school. Only recently has science uncovered the secrets of attentiveness and motivational achievement, and Praxis Now uses these evidence-based strategies to train your brain to achieve the highest states of extended concentration. When combined with intentional relaxation, a unique circuit in your brain is activated which integrates and improves the functioning of the prefrontal cortex, thalamus, anterior cingulate, striatum, and parietal lobe. The result: enhanced social awareness, greater emotional control, faster intuitive decision-making, improved cognitive processing, and a measurable increase in life-satisfaction and peacefulness.


When you are in a neurological state of deep relaxation and attentiveness, your mind will respond to any mental suggestion that you generate or hear. This information is sent to the thalamus, which relays this information to the motivational centers of the brain. However, in order to improve neural performance, you’ll need to override old memory circuits that are embedded with negative, unproductive, and inefficient beliefs from the past. Fortunately, the neocortex is extraordinarily flexible, and this neuroplasticity allows us to use our positive thoughts and imagination to deactivate ineffective memories and habits. Brainscan studies can actually show how our thoughts cause neurons to “fire and rewire” into different patterns of activity.

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