About Us

PraxisNow is a world leading brain research company specializing in developing neurotechnology that helps individuals maximize their potential.  We produce brain enhancing NeuroTraining systems, products, and services that are proven to help reduce stress while retraining individual’s brains to reach maximum levels of focus, confidence, motivation and productivity.

Using evidence-based scientific research, our cutting-edge programs have been documented to improve mental, emotional and physical performance in all areas of personal and professional life. Our clients also report a deeper spiritual connection when using our innovative brain training programs.

By utilizing the latest research in brain plasticity and neuropsychology, our, audio and visually based programs access deep levels of the subconscious mind to reduce doubts, fears, anxiety, procrastination, negative thinking and behaviors.

Everyone has reservoirs of untapped potential and it is our goal and mission to help millions of people utilize more of their untapped brainpower so they can achieve their personal best.

Our internal self-image is shaped by a neural network of values, beliefs and habits that are deeply embedded in the memory circuits of our brain. These networks govern our day-to-day thoughts, perceptions and behaviors, and they influence every choice we make. Some are more beneficial than others, and can all be improved by applying simple daily “Innercise” strategies that have been validated by university and scientific research.

PraxisNow uses proven methodologies and revolutionary technologies to significantly boost human effectiveness and performance. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with evidence-based programs that work safely and effectively, producing powerful and measurable results.