5 Experts Share The Best Brain Reconditioning Lessons to Achieve More

Highlights include:

  • John's example on getting all the parts of your brain to work cohesively towards your goals -- at 3 min 41 secs
  • Harvard's Srini Pillay, M.D. describes how even a positive thought can get caught up in long-term negative memories and experiences in the hypocampus, and at 7:41 he describes how "GLASS CEILINGS" get you STUCK at certain income levels
  • Brain Expert Mark Waldman describes exactly how you can CREATE Neural Coherence where ALL of your brain is actively focused on generating wealth -- at 14:11
  • Lisa Sasevich, Top Sales Expert reveals the One TRANSFORMATION that takes you from "maybe" to "YES!" in your financial life -- at 10:20
  • George J. Pratt, Ph.D., brain trainer to celebrity clients explains how a single distorted perception can affect your ability to see clearly and confidently so you can seize financial opportunity when it comes -- at 8:49