Brain Tip to Peak Performance and Reduce Stress

Are you experiencing lack of confidence, energy and personal peace? Are you stressed? Here’s a possibility why...

Each part of your brain – indeed, each neuronal cell – has a mind of its own. And each area can operate as a unique entity, like individuals going about their own business, oblivious to what is going on in the other parts of the brain. When this is happening – and it happens quite often – your brain is not functioning at its fullest potential and will result in the above mentioned symptoms.

But imagine if these same brain areas start communicating with one another in a state of deep cooperation and enthusiasm.  We can train our brains to do this, and when we do, we can accomplish astonishing feats with extraordinary ease and speed. This is coherence.

Researchers at Graz University of Technology and the University of Vienna in Austria recently found that brain coherence may play a vital role in optimal brain communication and enhanced reasoning. Other scientific research has associated coherence with exceptionally high degrees of clear or “pure” thinking.

This evidence suggests that coherence is a key that allows us to move effortlessly into peak states of performance and become fully absorbed in the creative flow of the activity in which we are engaged.  We can do this in sports, and we can do this in every business venture we create.

Here’s an outer example of the power of coherence.  .When, in 1850 in France, 483 soldiers marched across the Angers bridge in perfect harmony with one another, the entire bridge collapsed. The simultaneous rise and fall of the soldiers’ feet were so highly coordinated and coherent that the energy they generated literally vibrated the bridge’s suspension system until it came apart.
The same thing happens when you generate coherence in your brain.  Old habits and useless behaviors – those ancient rusty screws that were needed to hold together the frail reality of a child’s mind – fall apart. And in that supremely creative moment where everything inside is working in perfect harmony, you’ll become more effective and successful at virtually anything you choose to do. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called this optimal state of performance “flow,” and brain scan studies have shown that it’s a neurological process that anyone can achieve.

Symptoms of decreased brain coherence:

  • Lack of organization
  • Mental and emotional inflexibility
  • Lack of personal peace
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of energy
  • Mental fog
  • Increased stress

Symptoms of increased brain coherence:

  • Peak performance
  • Clear thinking
  • Increased creativity
  • Reduced stress
  • Emotional flexibility
  • Increased happiness and wellbeing

The key to becoming more effective and making your brain more coherent is simple: train your mind - on a daily basis - to focus on what you truly love, desire, and value, and you will transform your life as well as your brain. All you need to do is make a conscious decision to do so, and commit yourself 100% to carrying that decision out.  And if you write down a step-by-step detailed strategy, a new research study shows that you increase your chances of success by 50%.

So I ask you: Are you ready to a make real change in your life... right now? If so, then pick up a pen and write your way to success.