Breaking Free of Limiting Financial Beliefs To Create Your Best Life

Vicki HigginsFrom Indianapolis, Indiana, Vicki’s energy is contagious! Her zest for life and learning spreads across all areas of her life. Tenacious, vibrant and hard-working, Vicki’s story of overcoming emotional and physical abuse, releasing limiting financial beliefs, and finding great mentors along her journey will make you want to embrace your challenges as an opportunity to create the life you deserve and desire! Read how Vicki turned turmoil into triumph, and how looking into her heart lit her way to happiness!

Power of Purpose

Sometimes, life gives you lemons… some of us choose to swirl the bitter taste in our mouths and live from that acidic spot, while others use those same bitter moments to plant seeds of growth. From Vicki’s unique perspective about facing challenges came a calling to write a book with two partners and created a business called Rainbow Walker Books*. “My goal is to continue to grow and inspire others. I have been blessed with the lessons I have learned.” Vicki’s main purpose is to challenge others to think about their lives, question what makes them happy, and help them get unstuck right now. A brief synopsis provides the basis for this life changing book: “The Beginning is intended to appeal to many people at different parts of their lives. It is meant to challenge them to think about their lives and the direction their lives are headed in. It is designed to get them to ask themselves if they are happy on the path that they are on. It is intended to get them to look inside of themselves for the answers of where to go and what path to be on.”

The challenge of this “new beginning” is to encourage others to spread their wings and release the societal expectations of what “should” make them happy and pursue what is in their heart to find true happiness. “In the silence, you find truth and what makes you happy,” Vicki says. During those times of silence, Vicki found her way by embracing her past experiences, learning from them, and turning them into assets. This venture brings an expansive smile to her face! Vicki took her early struggles and used them to manifest her dreams!

Taking flight

Even with limited financial opportunities, Vicki found grants and worked two jobs to pay her way through college. She became a Pacers rep right out of college and stayed with the Pacers for ten years and managed 1200 clients! She admits, “I tend to be an overachiever, mostly because of a ‘not enough’ feeling.” She continued to push herself and earned an MBA while working 18 hour days to “prove” herself, she says. She literally threw herself into her work and career, which also led to her divorce.

Vicki met her first great mentor while working for ATA Airlines in April of 2011. Although she is very book smart, her business mentor helped her learn how to execute what she learned. Even after the events of September 11th, she worked four more years with ATA and took on seven different departments from advertising and marketing to public relations. She says, “This was a great opportunity for me to put in practice all of my business skills, such as marketing, advertising, online efforts, public relations, brand management, and strategic partnerships.” She learned destination marketing in the 2nd most visited destination in the country: Los Angeles. In a brand new city where she didn’t know anyone, she threw herself into work again and created a whole new department at LA Ink, the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“I was the go to person for what to do in LA,” she says. Although she learned quite a lot, there were several challenges. Up to this point, Vicki was doing what she believed society expected of her; working long hours, taking on more responsibilities, and earning a living. All of this hard work, she realized, was for someone else, and she “wasn’t looking inside of her heart” for what she wanted to do. Shortly after this realization, she was found by a recruiter to work as Sr. Vice President of Marketing for Visit New Port Beach, Inc. Today she says, “I love my job and the work that I do and it allows me to spend my free time teaching and inspiring others.”

Overcoming past pain and limiting beliefs

Life was not always so easy, and like many of us, Vicki faced numerous challenges during her childhood. Vicki’s childhood times were challenging, to say the least. She came from a lower middle class family. Her mother has always been and still is very loving. Vicki was quiet, shy, insecure, and basically, ignored at school. From the ages of 9 to 14, Vicki experienced physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her father. Her dad split on them, but this was a good thing for Vicki because when he left, so did his abusive nature. Financially, her mom struggled to take care of her two children, and those struggles created limiting financial beliefs that Vicki would later face and overcome. She had no great mentors in her family while growing up, but she knew she wanted more out of life, so she pursued an education to forge her way in the world.

Seeing the light by taking ownership

Vicki Higgins with Donald TrumpVicki read hundreds of personal development books, as she tried to change the pattern of struggle in her family. She realized, through her courage and strength that she could take her past challenges and struggles and turn them around to create the life she wanted. She recognized that all of the learning from personal growth materials offered great information, however, it wasn’t until she looked inside herself that she really found her own path; nothing would change until she reached deep inside of herself. Attending a book marketing event in September 2011, John spoke as a guest speaker, and Vicki, who had met John while working with the Pacers twenty years ago, had a chance to catch up and visit. “I always had respect for him and admired his deep level of personal awareness. He has a genuine passion for helping others,” she says. She was then introduced to John Assaraf’s brain training programs, and Vicki had never seen this type of program before. “It made perfect sense to me.”

Shifting Gears with Winning the Game of Money

Vicki made a “solid commitment” to Winning the Game of Money in November. She knew she had limiting beliefs about money. In fact, she had a fear of not having money and carried a small amount of debt, even though she could easily pay it off. During the brain training program, Vicki experienced a profound shift in her mindset and started taking ownership of her thoughts, body and spirit. Something clicked in her thinking, and she paid off all of her debt! Her major turning point was when she looked inside and started to believe that she deserved all she desired. The brain training program gave her the courage to look inside and find what was right for her in her life. “I have a great life, and I am excited about what is happening in my life! I have a child-like zest for life again,” Vicki beams. Things weren’t always so good, and she confesses there were periods of depression and sadness, but the answers came to her during silence.

“I came from a place of fear, and now I am in a place of abundance.” Through Winning the Game of Money brain training, meditation, and a dedication to growth, Vicki was able to release the limiting beliefs she had from childhood. Vicki maintains a strict schedule, allowing for time to take care of herself. She works out regularly, even while working long hours. To give you some idea of just how focused she is, she even schedules her social time. She credits the many training and coaching videos from John for her focus and time management. “How to Get More Done in Less Time was really helpful in learning to be more effective and efficient with time,” she says. Winning the Game of Money, Having it All, and replays “are very impactful and keep me moving quickly on my path.”

Vicki is definitely on her path! Not only is she getting in gear to launch her book, The Beginning, but she and her partners are also launching a website, a blog, and have started focus groups to make sure their mentoring is on track with people’s needs . Vicki’s longer term goal is to speak in front of others with the purpose of “sharing and providing inspiration. I love to grow and be challenged. I love my life, and I am more balanced now.” I have no doubt her childhood zest for life, her contagious energy, and by following her heart, she will continue to reap amazing rewards for this and any other project she takes on in the future.

by Kelly Stokes Brown

*Rainbow Walker Books was created out of the meaning of “Rainbow Walker.”
Rainbow Walker is important because a rainbow is bright, energetic, and encompasses the light in beautiful ways. A rainbow brings smiles to people and is somewhat magical when it manifests after a storm or a rain shower. A rainbow shows people they have come through darkness and returned to the light. The rainbow is symbolic of what we hope to give others.

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