How to Retrain your Brain for Financial Success - Part 3

Creating a Brain-Transforming Vision

Let’s examine the “nuts and bolts” of developing a worthy and socially conscious “magnificent obsession”.

Out of the Head and Into the Heart

For many people, when they are asked to write down an inspiring vision for their lives, they write down everything they think they want: cars, houses, vacations, etc. While none of these things are wrong in themselves, and it’s perfectly okay to want them, what our “head” thinks it wants and what our “heart” truly wants are two different things.

When we only focus on superficial desires, we won’t feel a deep sense of satisfaction. Deep meaning and purpose only occur when we fulfill our deeper visions and truths. That’s one reason why many “successful” people still feel empty. They have the outer riches, but not the inner ones.

The movie, Bedazzled, comically illustrates this point when the main character repeatedly receives his wildest wishes, but he still feels frustrated and disappointed. This is our inner child speaking: a tiny little ego shaped by cultural norms and childhood fantasies.
Heart desires, on the other hand, express our deepest truths and passions. They express a fervor so powerful and invigorating that their fulfillment becomes more a matter of glorious obsession rather than “work” or “striving.”

Brain VisionIn fact, it’s the profound emotional weight and meaning of such a vision that can transform us in the NOW, making us happy NOW rather than hoping we’ll become happy when we reach that elusive “financial success” we believe will finally make us happy. By living your deepest purpose and vision, your happiness in the NOW actually creates greater financial success and wellbeing. In this way, your focus shifts from trying to make things happen, and instead attends to the creative force itself—your state of consciousness.

Think about it. When you’re feeling good about yourself, don’t you usually do your best work for the longest amount of time and with the least degree of fatigue? Why is that? It’s because your state of consciousness has changed. By developing a profoundly inspiring vision and purpose, you can essentially shift your state to one of happiness and abundance at any time. In other words, your vision and purpose become your way of being, allowing you to enjoy the process along the way. And the more you enjoy the process, the more deeply the natural fulfillment of your potential becomes a part of your habitual thoughts, beliefs and habits.

Clarify Your Heart-Centered Vision

To activate the power of a heart-centered vision, list the following:

  • Name the three activities that consistently bring you the most joy, fulfillment and freedom.
  • If you had all the time and money you could want and had no fear, what would you do?
  • Describe your ideal day.
  • What significant contribution do you offer?
  • How does this make you feel?

Having the right vision helps you to stay focused and positive, and it activates your brain to move in the direction of both inner and outer success.