Member of the Week - Priscilla Palmer

“Life is an adventure, and I tend to go down exhausted.”

If Priscilla could be any character, she would be Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. Fasten your seat belts for this member! From jumping out of planes, sliding down poles, and traveling the world, she will inspire you with her adventurous spirit and her unique perception on challenges.

How making people laugh changed her life:

Growing up in Ohio, Priscilla was exposed at an early age to the effects of financial loss. After her father lost his job, she saw both the economical and emotional toll this challenge had on her family. Although both of her parents were in tune and present with their children, Priscilla felt the pressures of their financial crisis. She became extremely shy and introverted as a way to cope with these changes. Even though the shyness protected her in some ways, the way she felt about money and relationships would be forever altered. Recognizing how shy she had become, her father asked her if she ever considered taking a speech class. He didn’t pressure or push her, but the suggestion resonated, and in her junior year of high school, she elected to take the class. Priscilla, by her own admission, was horrible at preparing and giving speeches, but despite her sweaty palms and labored breathing, she persevered. Her teacher asked the students to prepare a humorous declamation speech, and to Priscilla’s surprise, when she gave her speech in front of the audience, they laughed! Hearing their laughter encouraged her to give more humorous speeches. She became so proficient at speeches that she was asked to join her school’s nationally acclaimed speech team. Although she declined the invitation, she continued to “put herself out there” in other ways. At seventeen years old, she learned an invaluable lesson about herself; she enjoyed the experience of challenges. She continually seeks out challenges and new experiences today.

Priscilla makes life happen. From a young age, travel was always one of her main goals. Her parents did not have a lot of money, so Priscilla soon learned that if she wanted something, she would have to work for it. She took up a paper route (something unheard of for girls at the time) to earn money for an electric guitar. By the time she was 12, she earned enough money to travel by herself to visit pen pals in other cities. She says about her childhood, “I would think about doing something, and somehow, the money would always be there.”

With her goal of travel in mind, she gained employment with the Federal Government as a network engineer. She made her job work for her by putting herself in a position of “non-competition.” By playing well with others, having outstanding customer service skills, and network engineering skills, she was able to live in numerous states and even overseas. She also managed to raise two children on her own while pursuing her career. After she retired from the Federal Government, she continued to work in the field in IT security.

Priscilla’s Achilles Heel:

It’s hard to believe that anyone with Priscilla’s sheer determination and motivation could have struggles. She does, however, have areas in her life she would like to improve. One of those areas is how she feels about money. She tends to compartmentalize, which tends to be limiting. Changing the financial limitations she has, up until now, come to accept, is one of her challenges. “My ongoing challenge is controlling my thinking, my brain, and my emotions in how I feel and live my life in order to make my life exactly as I want it.”

Finding an intimate partner, however, has been her “Achilles heel.” In the past, she has attracted partners who reflected her own inward insecurities in an outward way. “I was picking bad fits.”

When Lightening Strikes:

In 2005, the book, Ask and It is Given, by Abraham-Hicks, struck Priscilla profoundly. Prior to studying these teachings, she found herself “bumping through life” and wanted to take back control. She said it was hard to accept that she brought everything in her life to her, good and bad. Studying and learning about these teachings was not enough. In true Priscilla form, she fully committed to and incorporated these teachings into her life. She “wanted to come to the point of living it and having the feelings “ associated with the teachings. She learned how to focus and refocus, and to know when she felt good and when she didn’t. She describes what she gained as, “Completion to my eternal rode to freedom.”

While listening to the Aware Show, she learned about John Assaraf and his programs. She was instantly drawn to them and felt that the brain training would be the “next logical step” for her. She has gone through Winning the Game of Money and is now working through WTG of Procrastination and Fear. She is learning to release her limitations about money and relationships with these programs and through practicing Transcendental Meditation. The main benefit for Priscilla is she is now “open to believing there is more out there “ for her. When I asked about John Assaraf’s programs, she said, “There is no better place to spend your time or money.”

Priscilla’s Next Quest and Her Formula For Success:

Her next quest is to use her passion and generate something that flows easily. “I believe that I will have a health business online by July 1, 2012 and will have increased my income by $50,000 by August 2012 through a variety of unknown sources. I believe that by August of 2016 I will have an income of 5 million dollars from my business and other potential unknown sources. I believe that I will have a lifetime companion by July 1, 2012 who will support and assist me in my business and financial worlds and will also be healthy and physically fit.” She is comfortable and confident about facing these challenges. . She has already established an action plan to attract a life partner, which includes dating. She is working on filling “an emptiness with the proper feelings in order to attract” what she wants. I believe her biggest challenge is finding someone who can keep up with her!

Priscilla is constantly trying new things. Last year, she jumped out of a plane despite being terrified of heights. “I would freefall for my entire life if I had the choice,” she says. “I need to be challenged. I seek them out, mostly because I enjoy having the experience.” She joined the Coast Guard Active Reserve and participated for 10 years, just for the experience. Her adventurous spirit is matched only by her strong sense of commitment. Priscilla takes her goals seriously, and commits 100% of her energy to whatever goal she sets in her mind.

About Bucket Lists:

Priscilla keeps her bucket list to a minimum. She says, “if it’s short, you’re more likely to complete it, and other goals will materialize.” Besides seeking thrills and taking pole-dancing lessons with her daughter, Priscilla enjoys many other physical activities. She spends two hours per day exercising, either doing yoga, in-line skating, or swimming. She also enjoys helping in her community by reading to elementary school children, participating in Paws for Friendship, and being in a group who delivers advice and guidance online to those in need. The ‘highlight” of her life is her grandson. They spend lots of time together sharing in adventures. One of her favorite things to do is ride roller coasters. For her next big thrill, she is thinking about hang gliding. “There is so much to do, so many adventures to be had. I’m enjoying the whole process.”