Mind over Body – How a Scrawny kid became Mr. Universe

“My path has been a natural progression. I was so challenged by life, in a state where I longed to be someone, to find my purpose. I wanted the ability to love and accept myself as I was.”

The title, “Mr. Universe,” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the loving, passionate, and voracious learner who is Avtar Nordine Zouareg! A wellness and fitness coach well before it was a popular profession, Avtar continues to learn, grow and inspire others out of their “fear mode” and into their “love mode.” He coaches people internationally, helping people achieve their best in health and wellness. According to Avtar, “We are all driven by love.” Part of this drive is finding your passion and purpose, which came to him in an unusual way. For anyone who has struggled, or has been stuck in fear mode, this story will inspire you and make you want to build a new story!

Born 3 months premature in a truck in Algeria, Avtar understands struggle. His Algerian parents could neither read nor write, and being born early in a desert land forced his family to move to France to seek medical attention for their newborn son. Although Avtar received the medical care he so desperately needed in France, the treatment his family experienced was horrific. Victims of hate crimes and racism, Avtar and his parents soon learned that this new home would be far from a safe haven. Hate letters shoved under their door only for Avtar, a young boy at the time, to have to read to his parents. Bullied and treated unfairly during his young years, Avtar grew up in fear mode. By the age of 19, weighing only 108 pounds, Avtar began to search for a way out. He was introduced to health and fitness on a TV program, and a fire was lit. He began body building and weight training with only one goal: “to put some meat on me,” says Avtar.

Avtar has 9 sisters and 3 brothers, all of whom he helped raise as a young child himself. His father worked long hours and his mother did the best she could to manage the children. Avtar was forced to miss school so that he could assist his family. Coupled with this desire to add to his frame was his voracious appetite for learning! Being the head of the family, and unable to attend school, this ignited another fire in Avtar. He continued weight training and in only 5 years, he would not only add meat to his frame, but walk away from a competition with the title, “Mr. Universe!” How does a young teen, suffering from low self-esteem from being bullied and mistreated push his way through to such an esteemed title? “My path has been a natural progression. I was so challenged by life, in a state where I longed to be someone, to find my purpose. I wanted the ability to love and accept myself as I was,” he says. “Fear creeps in us, and if we let it, it will control us. We all have periods in our lives where we are frozen in fear and we choose to stay where we are. The bottom line is this: People and things inspire you, but real lasting inspiration can only come from you… you add the fuel to your fire. Look to other people you admire and learn from them so you can reach the next level. We cannot know it all,” says Avtar. He continued to learn and grow and he pushed through, because for him, staying in fear mode was not an option.

Earning the title of Mr. Universe gave Avtar a platform on which to deliver his unique message, and fostered his passion in becoming a health and wellness expert. His thirst for knowledge never ceased and he began connecting with people internationally who needed his expertise. He built a business around his passion with the sole purpose of being in service to others! Travelling around the world helping international clients, he settled in America and was asked by Miraval Spa in 1999 to create a holistic wellness program. They were the pioneers in teaching mindfulness and meditation. Miraval Spa won #1 resort in the world five times over during Avtar’s time there. He met several great friends at Miraval, including John Assaraf. In 2008, certain challenges caused him to reconsider the way he conducts business. Avtar decided to break away from Miraval to pursue his own business more fully.

Always committed to growth and personal development, it is no surprise that Avtar was familiar with John Assaraf and his first seminars. “John offers incredible tools and he is always a step ahead of the times,” says Avtar. Winning the Game of Money brain training was an investment Avtar made when this program was first introduced because, he says, “we learn from the best.” Today, his primary struggle is marketing and sales. How can one person reach more people, especially when that person is the business and the product? He is overcoming this challenge by taking action! He has written two books and is venturing in the field of public speaking to reach more people with his message! He will begin working through Winning the Game of Business to further create a mindset for business success. Again, staying in fear mode is simply not an option for Avtar. “When you are in doubt, in fear, or anxious, know that you are not in the present moment but stuck in your mind. Come back into the present moment, for this is the real you. Fear cannot reside in the now. In the now, we are more creative and find solutions to our problems.” At Money 2, an experiential event we had in June, John said to Avtar, “this is your time,” and it truly is! The world desperately needs Avtar’s expertise in health, wellness, and living in the present moment, the only time in which we are free of fear and full of love! “When someone is stuck in fear mode because of painful experiences, and they find someone who can help them get in love mode, their lives change drastically! That’s what I do.”

After recently celebrating his 50th birthday with daughter, Isabella, and son, Armand, Avtar appreciates having a business that allows him to be present with his children. He is a dedicated father, and his affection for his children can be heard in his voice through our Skype line. Even with his busy schedule, he makes time for the important people in his life! Avtar doesn’t waste words. When he speaks, he speaks to the hearts of others, to our connection. His message to the world is profound: “Drop fear and ego, seek learning always, learn new things every day, and stay in the present. When your heart and mind speak the same language, you find solutions and you find what fuels the world…love.”

Avtar’s books include, Mind over Body: The Key to Long Lasting Weight Loss is all in Your Head! and

Weight Loss Secrets of the Stars: Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days…Guaranteed!

For more information regarding Avtar’s services, please visit his website: www.AvtarWellness.com