PraxisNow Spotlight Member - Niki Weiss

Niki Weiss' Family Pic“Let go and swing into the fear with enthusiasm and the doors will open!”

Niki Weiss is quite simply a powerhouse of a person! A natural leader, filled with compassion and straight forward feedback, she shares the benefits, rewards and her success in creating a new mindset.

“We’ve all been on a journey,” says Niki, when I ask her about how she got to PraxisNow and John Assaraf’s brain training programs. Niki was in the health care field and worked as a clinician for 15 years. At the age of 40, she wanted a change. She had “an entrepreneurial burning” in her belly and decided to move in that direction. She worked in real estate, which led her to the construction industry and she presently works for Multivista as a Senior Sales Manager.

ADD Tendencies
Niki struggled with ADD tendencies into adulthood. Her knowledge and experience as a clinician deterred her from using medication as a remedy to control those tendencies. However, focusing was difficult, to say the least. “I didn’t know how to quiet my mind.” Niki had tried several programs and methods, but they only had pieces of what she needed. It was until she saw Winning the Game of Money that all the pieces she knew she needed were in one comprehensive, integrative system. “I was blown away by the Winning the Game of Money tracks. What it came down to was that these tracks were reprogramming my brain, like a brain massage.”

How brain training saved my marriage
When I asked Niki about the benefits of this transformational program, she had an impressive list of what she has gained, and they weren’t all related to business and money. “I could and can physically feel my brain changing. It’s like detoxification of my neuro-pathways!” Well, that all sounds great, but I want to know how it changed her life. “Well, I didn’t have to go on meds! I am able to focus with what I call effortless effort. Instead of opening a medicine cabinet, I open my smart phone and access an audio to quiet my mind and really feel that thermostat readjust. I feel re-energized. And, the brain training probably saved my marriage!” She expanded on this last benefit in detail. “When going through difficult times, the brain training allowed my brain to calm itself enough to stay focused and not become reactionary.” She goes on to say, “You love the person standing across from you, but their interaction with you causes a reaction. The brain training allowed me to be less volatile and less reactive.” Wow! Great results!

Using the tools and support at PraxisNow
During a training and coaching session with John Assaraf, Niki learned all about masterminding and the importance of accountability. So, being the driven woman Niki is, she immediately posted a thread in the PraxisNow Community to find members who would be interested in forming a mastermind group. Within two weeks of her post, she had a group of 8 like-minded women to mastermind with and they are still going strong. One of the benefits of participating in a mastermind is the members “hold your feet to the fire,” and keep you on task. “You are making a public statement to a group of people about what you want to accomplish. The accountability aspect is key.”

GOYA and prosperity
While Niki has reaped great results from the brain training program and her mastermind group, she’d be the first to say that it took more than just putting onNiki's New Carearphones and passively listening! She employs the law of GOYA in all she does! Niki, still “wanting more,” signed up for Escape Velocity 212 Mastermind in February. “I knew I wanted to bring it to the next level and what John had to offer was unique. Not only was he a great businessman, but he is also heart centered, which is rare in the business world.” When I asked Niki if her expectation was met with this program, she said not only was it met, but the program gave her the information and the mindset she needed to begin her own business venture. Just to give you an idea of how successful Niki has been during her 6 months in the program, she went from $0 in sales in March to $160,000 in sales in August! Her company actually asked her to stop selling because they did not have the operational procedures in place to keep up with her skyrocketing sales! “The biggest gain for me from participating in Escape Velocity was getting and staying in the right mindset. It was all about setting my intention and keeping focus.” Niki makes 30 to 50 sales calls per day. Staying positive, motivated and on task was why she was able to reach her goal. As Niki puts it, “Mindset plus work equal success.”

Mindset Master
Niki’s list of future goals is endless. Professionally, she will continue to become more efficient and effective at Multivista to increase her sales even more. She is also starting a new business as a Mastermind Facilitator. As a phenomenal mastermind facilitator for our newest Escape Velocity 212 Mastermind group, she is already on her way! On a personal level, she continues to strive to make a positive impact on as many people as she can, growing deeper and more meaningful relationships and taking care of herself and her brain. “It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel,” says Niki. Employing the law of GOYA, using the brain training and utilizing the training sessions every month, Niki continues to push past limiting beliefs and barriers to reach her goals. Not only is she unstoppable in reaching high, she has faith. “I will get where I need to be when the time is right for me.” Her biggest lesson; “I am only 3 feet from gold. If I continue to take small smart steps repeatedly, big change happens.” One quote that inspires her is, “To understand death so you can get on with your life.” Death, in this quote can be anything…divorce, unemployment, etc., and not necessarily physical death. It’s about letting go and embracing your fear with enthusiasm so you live more fully. “When you let go of your fears, the possibilities are endless!”