Spotlight on Martha Arifin!

Martha ArifinNaturally driven and intense, Martha opens up and shares about her challenges, how she overcame them, and what she is doing now to build a phenomenal life. Her candid discussion of her strengths and weaknesses, and what she did to change inside, will encourage you to be more and do more.

Losing Control

Martha has multiple commitments on a daily basis. She is a wife, a mother to her daughter, Emma, runs her own web design business, and teaches web design part-time at a local college. If this were not enough, she is researching an on-line business that will eventually automatically generate income, which she will be launching in 2012! Her biggest challenge today is establishing a daily routine to accommodate her many goals and obligations.

Martha was facing two major challenges up until a year ago. Martha and her husband had accumulated debt, not through spending extravagantly, but through poor money management. The debt hovered over like a dark cloud and prevented them from engaging in new ventures. Combined with the financial stress, Martha faced the greater personal challenge of not being in control. “I was emotionally unstable.” Martha became agitated easily when results did not occur in the time frame she expected. Her lack of control over her emotions was creating havoc in her life. “I needed to take control of myself” and “change my emotional swing. “ Read on to see how Martha overcame both her financial and emotional roller coaster.

How Martha Overcame Personal and Financial Debt

Self-development is not a new concept for Martha. She has participated in many seminars and is an avid reader. However, Martha says, “Until the neuro-trainingtm programs, I never did anything with the information.” During a very frustrating time in her life, she came upon an interview with John Assaraf. She invested in Winning the Game of Business last October shortly after revisiting John’s brain training webinar. For some reason, which Martha can’t explain, the information on the webinar “spoke to her” and drew her in. Before using John Assaraf’s programs, Martha held on to the idea of perfectionism, which was not working in her life. “I was impatient and short-tempered.”

When her computer crashed last Thursday, normally she would blame others and act angrily. Now, she simply looks for a solution and maintains her composure. How was she able to change her response to what would previously send her over the top? The answer is simple: Brain training and meditation. She has gained a sense of calmness she has never had before. “I have changed,” Martha says. The calmness Martha has gained has affected everyone in her life, especially her husband and daughter. Martha has also learned that she must take care of herself first to be any good to anyone else. Part of taking care of herself includes regularly exercising. She has a personal trainer and works out three times per week, even with her busy schedule. Besides the personal benefits of the neuro-training programs, she has also increased her income. Although she doesn’t have an exact number, the training has encouraged her to expand her business by doing new things she never would have tried prior. Martha has gained other financial benefits from using all of the tools to create the life for which she strives. “The combination of doing NTS, meditation, affirmations, listening in to live trainings & interviews, interacting within the community and ACTIONING (the most important step) enabled me to come up with the money to pay our debt off completely! I had drawn a plan to have the debts cleared by Dec 2012. After listening to David Bach's interview, I've beaten my goal by 14 months!!!” She also uses John’s Daily Results Planner to help her manage her time more effectively. “I need structure,” she says. Martha and her accountability partner help each other stay on track. They share a common goal and use each other’s strengths to help one another achieve their goals. Martha is currently working through Winning the Game of Procrastination and Fear. She has almost completed the first part and is excited to begin the second part. For others who are considering investing in John Assaraf’s unique programs, Martha says, “Just do it! Go for it! It is an investment where you can see results.”

Martha Arifin2Why Martha Begins with the End in Mind

Part of her purpose in building a profitable on-line business is to provide fulfillment in Martha’s bigger dream. She is originally from Indonesia and relocated to Australia in 1994 to attend university. When she visited Indonesia, Martha says, “my heart hurt” for the people in the villages. Her main goal is to “build a better generation one village at a time.” She wants to bring resources, such as building schools and medical clinics for people in Indonesia. She would also like to bring in experts in agricultural and fishery development to help those in need build a better life for themselves. Although she feels a bit overwhelmed when she thinks about what this dream involves in terms of finances and man power, she now knows she can reach this goal by taking it one step at a time. One significant change Martha has noticed since using the brain training programs is that “things fall into place when you are open” and willing to take action.

Martha and her husband share a sense of adventure. Flying planes was one of their past experiences. Martha used to compete in dragon boat racing, and still loves all water activities. She hopes to go scuba diving soon. When Emma, who will be 3 in February, is a little older, they would like to take some camping and fishing excursions. I have no doubt Martha will achieve all she sets out to accomplish. After all, her motto is, “You want to do something, just do it!”