Why most people DIE BROKE and how you can avoid it.

When you think of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or any other billionaire, what image comes to your mind? Obviously, money and success.  But have you ever thought about why they’re so successful, or how their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors differ from yours?   In fact, it’s the way they think, and the unique beliefs they embrace, that makes all the difference between the average person and the highly successful individual.

Here’s another question to ponder: Were they born with a natural gift for earning lots of money, or did they learn how to focus their brain’s intention and attention mechanism in such a way that earning and keeping money was a forgone conclusion?

The latest research shows that you can neurologically change old habits and beliefs around money and build new circuits that make you more productive regardless of your age, circumstances, history, or genetics. You can train your brain to learn a new language, play a new sport, or learn a new dance, and you can just as easily train your brain to create a whole new mental image for earning more money and becoming more successful.

Think about how a Hollywood actor first fumbles around with a new script. Yet after many hours of rehearsal they can put aside their old personality – their old script – and replace it with a new personality.  With practice, they can become so convincing that their performance is worthy of an Oscar. They do such an amazing job of transforming themselves into a role they never knew before, that they actually change the functioning of their brain.  Their facial expressions change, and they adapt new emotional and physical attributes to match!  And when you ask a successful actor or actress about the experience, they’ll tell you how much the character changed their life.

Is it possible that the current “role” you are living is nothing more than a well rehearsed act that you have played for so long, it has become your story and current reality thereby affecting nearly every cell in your body and your brain?

Not only is this scenario possible, it’s a fact. Your current role and financial results are due to the beliefs, experiences, and habits that you have become accustomed to achieve and expect.

Based on the latest scientific evidence, when you learn how to retrain your brain to play a “new role,” you’ll build a new financial self image in your brain.  When you actually envision yourself in this new role, your feelings and beliefs will change.  The new inner reality that forms within your memory circuits will actually motivate you to create that reality in the outer world.

In order to accomplish this you must learn how to rewire your neural circuits in a special way, “Innercising™” your brain using targeted strategies that are designed to undermine old ineffectual habits and beliefs and to replace them with newer, higher levels of financial confidence and clarity. When you practice these “Innercises™” you’ll start to believe, think and act in ways that are consistent with earning the amount of income you are truly capable of earning.

To start your new daily mental rehearsal, here are a few simple steps that will allow you to create a new internal self-image around money and finances:

1- Determine exactly how much money you want to earn and how much net worth you want to accumulate by a specific date.  Write it down on a sheet of paper (research shows that writing increases your degree of success by 50%).


2- Ask yourself this question: “What beliefs must I adopt in order to truly feel that I deserve and can achieve a higher level of financial success?” (Write this down as well, and remember: beliefs are neural circuits in the brain that you can develop.


3- Determine the daily habits you must adopt to achieve your new financial goals  (Habits are implicit procedural neural networks that can change or be developed). Write down 2-3 habits that you can put into practice today.


4-Determine the skills and knowledge you will need to acquire in order to achieve your new financial goals. Get help if you are unsure.


5- Determine the right strategies and tactics that you need to apply.  Again, help is easy to find.


6- Begin a daily affirmation, visualization, meditation, and neurotraining ritual to engrain the new beliefs and habits.  The more you practice, the more it will condition your subconscious mind.  Focus specifically on those thoughts, feelings, and actions that you know will generate more money and financial success.


7- Take daily actions that are consistent, even when you really don’t feel like it.  Push yourself beyond your old limits.  After all, those too are only memories that you are responding to as though they were real.  They aren’t! Measure your progress and adjust strategies as often as needed.  If you’re not feeling the inner changes in the first few days, seek help from a trusted advisor, mentor, or teacher.


The action of intensely focusing on your new financial goals will get you on the right track.  Every journey begins with a first step, and it doesn’t matter if you are a Hollywood actor with a new script, an astronaut preparing for a trip to the moon, or a child learning how to ride a bike for the very first time.

Taking action is paramount, and repetition is one of the [four] main keys for changing your brain and improving any aspect of your life.